Is a Jumpsuit a Dress?

In my opinion, yes, that’s what a jumpsuit is, a dress. You may think that I’m just being kind and keeping things simple, but you would be wrong. This is one of those instances where the more complex the garment, the less comfortable it can be to wear.

Is a jumpsuit a dress? You bet it is! If you are wearing one, chances are good that you have one of those fashionably bizarre personalities. The ones that won’t shut up about how they’re so revealing they have to have mini-skirts tucked into the bottoms.

If your tits are hanging out in a strapless corset, you’re probably wearing a jumpsuit. This is especially true if your bra is hiding most of your body (unless you buy the “peep-toe” ones). It’s not fun wearing a jumpsuit.

Maybe this isn’t so bad. If you’re all tops and nothing else and no one can see your bottom. So what? No one will notice anyway, right?

Is a jumpsuit a dress? When you take the plunge and get into something that covers up all your body, you will find that you can’t do your job anymore, because you won’t be able to function properly. Even when you’re under a good dose of anesthesia, you’ll still be able to function quite poorly without the fear of someone seeing you.

So, if you’re wearing a jumpsuit, get out. Get a new wardrobe. Get a new outfit, like a couple of new pairs of pants. Getpants that make you look sexy without being too revealing.

Why should you hide your body under layers of clothing, when it’s the body you’re trying to hide? If you can’t enjoy yourself because you’re afraid people will see you, what difference does it make what you look like? You should be comfortable enough to show off your best features, rather than covering them up.

Do you really want to make yourself unhappy by showing off your legs, stomach or bottom? You can get away with your worst flaws when you don’t feel the need to cover them up.

Is a jumpsuit a dress? You can be comfortable and attractive while still remaining somewhat covered up if you want to.

We don’t want to turn women off from wearing sexy outfits. Everyone likes to look attractive, and everyone wants to feel sexy, whether that means showing their midriff or showing off their cleavage. It’s only natural for some women to want to wear dresses and others to want to wear high heels, although this isn’t necessarily limited to women.

Is a jumpsuit a dress? Don’t worry, guys. No one is going to come up to you and ask if you’re married to work in a skirt, or even if you work at home because you wear one.

Is a jumpsuit a dress? If you think about it, there’s no other reason for a jumpsuit other than to make you feel comfortable, but is wearing one really such a bad thing? I’d say it’s only bad if you use it to cover up your own lack of style.