How Should Smart Women Dress? The Most Popular Styles For All Women

How should smart women dress

How Should Smart Women Dress? The Most Popular Styles For All Women

Ask a hundred women how should smart women dress and you’ll get several answers. But the question remains: are there things that will always work for all women?

I know it’s not a popular opinion, but some of us do choose to follow the fashion industry to see what trends are popular for women who fall into one of the five common categories for a smart woman. Here are some of those 5 main groups:

The Young Woman: I am a first generation college student at the University of Minnesota and for me, trends come and go. If something new comes out then it must be more acceptable to many of my peers but the young woman still wants to wear things that make her feel comfortable.

First, for me, being young is one of the easiest things to fall into when thinking about how should smart women dress. And second, I am into the “fun” side of things.

Once I hit college I found I had a lot of fun at parties, but I also found myself getting all shy because of my age and I didn’t want to make people feel uncomfortable. And I also really needed a smart dresser.

Once I graduated, I didn’t really know where to begin when thinking about how should smart women dress. So, I was going to stick with the basics and find something practical and this would make me look good at a party.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy but I knew that I could be pretty good dresser so I continued with that. And now here I am as a smart woman who wears great looking smart dresses at the same time that I’m also able to make myself look amazing at the same time.

The Older Woman: A number of years ago I was working in an office and I would usually wear a suit when I went to work. It was comfortable and it looked good on me but at the same time I was not comfortable with it.

Women that I work with were complaining about how much they disliked the look of suits. And this is something that I can understand and relate to because I have always wanted to look smart but not have people think I looked fake.

This is why now when I dress I try to put my work clothes in the closet to wear on occasion but I still wear my suits every once in a while. It’s just easier for me.

Then of course there is the “Smart Woman” who wants to look younger. She may not go to work everyday but she wants to have a sexy, sexy style look even if she does not work the overnight shift.

She may prefer to go out on the town in the evening or even at a night club, but the goal is to keep up with the latest fashions. In other words, don’t let others tell you what looks great on you.