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What Exactly Does the Fashion Industry Stand For?

What Exactly Does the Fashion Industry Stand For? Who started fashion? This question will be answered by the founder of modern women’s clothing. Anne Francis, a French school teacher, invented this trend and thus fashion is one of the most famous trend in the world. Fashion is not just a fancy and stylish style clothing. The fashion industry today is really big. The world has become a global market, which results to an increased importance for fashion accessories. Fashion has been very popular among women, who feel […]

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How Should Smart Women Dress? The Most Popular Styles For All Women

How Should Smart Women Dress? The Most Popular Styles For All Women Ask a hundred women how should smart women dress and you’ll get several answers. But the question remains: are there things that will always work for all women? I know it’s not a popular opinion, but some of us do choose to follow the fashion industry to see what trends are popular for women who fall into one of the five common categories for a smart woman. Here are some of those 5 main groups: […]

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How Many Outfits Should a Woman Have? – Simple Tips for That Question

A question that most women will ask is “How many outfits should a woman have for her special day?” It’s a question that has puzzled women for centuries and, for as long as there have been women, they have been asking this same question. The answer is complicated and it varies from one person to the next, but let’s try to simplify it. For most of us, it’s a question of life or death, and that’s probably why the answer is so confusing. Some say that two […]

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Famous Fashion Designer

Famous Fashion Designer Everyone knows that famous fashion designers are not just good-looking. Most know that some of them have been classically trained and educated, but not everyone knows that the famous designers are professionals, who spend all their free time in the studio and even the wilderness. There are those who are considered as the famous fashion designer while there are others who look famous, but are really not. Some of them even make some original styles and designs which are not from the others. It […]

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How Do Women’s Match Their Clothes? It Is All About The Indo-Canadian Connection

Do you know how do women match their clothes? If you are well-groomed, then you can believe that your lifestyle is one of the factors that you have to work on. A person who works out is a person who has a good shape and therefore, the clothes worn by him must complement his body type. It is for this reason that he is taking care of his appearance to ensure that the clothes that he wears suits his body type. How do women match their clothes? […]

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Who is the most famous female fashion designer?

Famous Female Fashion Designer Who is the most famous female fashion designer? This question may be important to you, so I will try to answer it here. In my opinion, of course, the most famous female fashion designer is Coco Chanel, since she was a famous designer for women before men got into fashion. Men have been in fashion for hundreds of years now, but women have been in fashion for a lot longer than that. The idea of men designing clothing and women making them is […]

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